I started this publishing company to bring out quality fantasies and books about such marvelous sub-creations. Chosen: The Journeys of Bilbo and Frodo of the Shire is the premier title with many more books to come!

Read an excerpt here.

Also just released is The Long Way Home, an e-book collection of poems centered about a heroic quest and its aftermath. Listen to the first one below!

Leaves from the Tree: Reflections on Middle-earth, a series of essays, is forthcoming.

In the coming years, fantasy series will also debut.

This venture comes from a lifelong love of reading and writing. I mean I still mourn the tragic loss of the Library of Alexandria! Stories are vital to our lives because they let us into worlds we would not encounter any other way. They hold up a mirror to ourselves, to our world, and perhaps we will see clearer than before. Tolkien and Lewis both said beautiful things about the power of stories to reintroduce us to the beauty of the world we take for granted and not truly see because we see it so often.

So this site will not just be about the books I publish. It will celebrate bookworm joy and salute my fellow scribes. I want you to enjoy wisdom distilled from masters of the craft; to learn something new; to be motivated, inspired, and moved to become better at all they do. You will find a treasury of writing prompts, book reviews, fantastic landscapes you and your muse can wander in, encouragement while in the trenches, gorgeous libraries to add to your ‘must see’ bucket list, and more!


See you among the pages,

Anne Marie Gazzolo,

Chief Bookworm and Scribe